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Terhubung lewat Bonsai

Terhubung lewat Bonsai

Bonsai Empire mulai dari sebuah impian seorang bocah (Oscar), di mana di umur lima belas membuat sebuah situs web sederhana mengenai hobbynya. Ini terjadi di bulan Desember 2000. Sejak waktu itu, situs web berkembang menjadi sebuah platform dan komunitas Bonsai, didukung oleh sekelompok orang yang memiliki satu visi; terhubung lewat Bonsai.

What we stand for

Our vision

Connecting people across the world through a shared passion - Bonsai.

Our mission

Our mission is to build a great community where people can learn about growing Bonsai trees. But more importantly, Bonsai Empire is to be a place where people meet and get excited about the key aspects of Bonsai: harmony, nature and beauty.

Our values

Respect, passion and (a promise to our members) respecting privacy. Feel free to read our privacy policy for more detailed information.

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Bonsai care and identification

We do not reply to emails related to Bonsai care or identification. These questions are only answered on our online bonsai forum.

Online store questions

Send us an email if you have any question about ordering in our online store, or the delivery of your order.

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Online course questions

Send us an email if you have any question about purchasing or logging in to your online courses.

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Press inquiry

Send us an email for press inquiries or any business related questions.

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